IN SHORT  /  design process 1 & metal workshop 1  / 1st year 2nd semester 

Sled is the outcome of a two-course combination at our first academic year. The design brief was to first come up with a concept for a compact presidential sled and later on to manufacture a functional full-scale prototype. My assignment partner, Tommi Neuvonen, deserves at least half the glory for this piece of work. So far our sled has been featured in two separate exhibitions in the city of Lahti: Lahti Design Exhibition at Sibelius hall and Soul Of Design at Jazztori. 

Due to the simple form of our sled, we wanted to pay extra attention on its few details and make them really count. The core design relays strongly on the completely self made hinge-compression latch combination, making the sled not just compact but also easy to understand and ultimately interesting to play with.